Postgrain Makes Your Work Hassle-free.
Focus on what matters most: achieving the best performance on Instagram. With Postgrain, you manage all your content in one practical, fast tool.
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Schedule Everything in One Place
Say goodbye to your smartphone addiction. Whether in Feed, Stories or Reels, Postgrain helps you manage all your content scheduling, with high-quality images and enough time in advance.
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Explore All @’s in One Environment
Need a helping hand with multiple Instagram accounts? Don’t worry. Our system is designed to help you navigate all profiles in one place.
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Manage Your Interactions
We offer multiple features in the app — and more — so you never leave a follower unanswered.
  • Chat Center - View all incoming messages and start new chats conveniently on one screen.
  • Quick Answers - Do you get FAQ? Save all answers with one code and quickly send it to the user.
  • Keywords - Find chats, prioritize and organize all your communication using different themes.
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Sell Products Without Leaving Your Profile
Do you have a store on Instagram? Integrate your product catalog with posts scheduled by our tool. We find your catalog, list all your items and even tag your posts on Feed and Stories.
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Instagram Reports and Data Analytics
We integrate Insights from your account and offer powerful information to improve your strategy results.
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The Best Support on the Market
We have a fast and specialized team to answer your questions and meet your needs.
Additional Reasons to Choose Postgrain
We also have a variety of options to make your work easier, either alone or in team.
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  • Postgrain Team feature screenshot
    Team Management
    No more sharing your account password. With Postgrain, you can manage all team members use, defining their level of access.
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    Repost Function
    Be sure to leverage user-generated content! Repost content related to your brand within our platform.
  • Screenshot of Stories stickers available on Postgrain
    Story Features
    Stickers, tagging products, text and more. Create your Stories content from scratch within Postgrain.
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