7 secrets to take the best photos for Instagram

7 secrets to take the best photos for Instagram

by Postgrain

Published December 04, 2017

Instagram is no longer a mere social media channel in which you show to friends your selfie of the day or the dish you ate at lunch. In recent times, the potential for engagement and reach that Instagram has gained makes it an important marketing tool.

So knowing how to make and choose the best photos for Instagram is the first step to a successful account. By using it, you have the ability to expose your content to the more than 800 million active users of the app, giving your brand a considerable power of diffusion.

On the other hand, exactly because of this large number of users, a lot of content is produced per day. So the trend is that with the technological advances – especially of mobile devices – the images posted in Instagram are getting better.

So, in order for your account and your photos to stand out from the rest, you should increasingly call attention. Differentiated and well-produced photos will certainly draw more attention from users, whether browsing the “Explore” page or seeing it directly from their feed..

You should aim to make and post pictures that stands out from the immensity of personal and unpretentious photos that go through Instagram every minute. In addition, the correct use of popular hashtags can help you gain more visibility to your posts.

  1. Composition

Like a song or a book, pictures are also composed. And this composition happens with the choice of the elements in an image, varying according to the object to be made clear or the photographer’s creative vision.

Generally, to emphasize a main subject, it is common to centralize the object, filling most of the frame with it. So, the viewer doesn’t pay much attention to the rest of the picture.

Also, at the time of the photo, position the object in the scene in different ways and observe the composition. See which placement offers the most clear picture and go for it!

  1. Scenario

We have already mentioned the scenario in the previous topic, but it is an element that deserves special attention.

A beautiful scenery, well assembled and without unwanted objects ensures that the attention will be entirely on the subject you intended to portray. In this sense, a good scenario could be, for example, a well-organized office table, a quiet urban place or a natural landscape.

It all depends on your proposal and your creativity. However, remember to only show what is necessary in the scenario, not to take attention from the main object.

  1. Lighting

Photo + spelling = writing with light. As the name itself says, photography is nothing more than capturing the light of a particular scene and recording it as an image. Soon, observing lighting is essential for a good photo.

The light of the sun, next to its contrast with the shadows it creates, gives a greater prominence to the object, showing it more vibrantly in relation to the background. A source of artificial lighting, such as a flashlight or light fixture, for example, can also give a light fill at a certain point of the object by drawing attention to it.

In addition, be careful about two things:

Avoid unwanted shadows, which conceal traces of your object (or, in the case of people, who conceal their faces and expressions);

Artificial lights projected from a 45-degree angle are more attractive and produce a more natural effect than the projected light from the camera or phone itself, which strikes from the front and can modify the object.

Play with the lights, try on styles and follow one that is quirky and reflects your creativity. So by posting multiple photos, you ensure that you are easier to recognize and attract engagement from potential followers.

  1. Variety

Checking an Instagram profile and seeing it replete with selfies at the same angle is disappointing and tedious, right? So, try to switch objects: if you have a product to sell, don’t post just pictures of it.

Make the most of them, but also vary between more relaxed photos, pictures with some descriptive or motivational text, photos of the workplace and day to day. Whichever you think most matches your account proposal.

Therefore, with a greater variety of portrayed objects, you are more likely to reach more niches of followers and potential customers, taking advantage of the diverse audience on Instagram.

  1. Camera

We know that today’s phones have exceptional cameras. As a result, high-quality photography can gradually become more accessible to the public.

Also, remember: taking pictures with the camera horizontally works much better with the format of square images of Instagram.

  1. Image processing

The second part of taking a picture is the treatment. A post-production treatment, however, can make your image even more vibrant and attractive. Instagram offers tools for editing brightness, contrast, vibration and other image settings that you should use.

Better than the filters offered by the app, manual image processing allows you to print your own style and differentiate them from other profiles. Given that the public has become increasingly demanding, and the quality of the images better, a good camera and a good treatment can ensure more prominence to your photos for Instagram.

  1. Trial and error

In fact, in photography the possibilities of portraying an object are practically infinite. So even though the first photo was good, do not settle for the result yet. Test different placements, compositions and lights, and see which one gets better.

By repeating the process of photographing the object, you ensure that you are portraying it in the best possible way, being able to compare the results and choose the best of them.

So, now that you know these valuable tips for taking good pictures for Instagram, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow more tips to leverage your presence on social networks!